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rave reviews

"Poland rocked slippery and fast, more a brain guy than a cocksman, making slick use of his wah and whammy bar as he premiered tunes from Ohm’s new “Circus of Sound” album, including “Steps From Home,” a non-Stooges “Fun House” and the tunefully optimistic title cry. Even when the fresh material veered toward funk, as on the Godfather of Soul tribute “Mr. Brown,” Poland was his own man, lending a pronounced fusiony feel to the Jamesonian huh-huh-si-ta-tions as he phased, jigged and chicken-picked before downshifting suddenly into a bad-azz slow blues. Give the man a cape. Always at the forefront of short-attention-span music, Poland relied on the quickness and chops of his Ohm-mates. Mugging outragiously, chomping gum, a watch cap crammed over his eyebrows, longtime bass fireplug Robert Pagliari pumped huge, cleanly shaped grooves, and squeezed out rambunctious pings and circuit-addled funkifications on his “Circus of Sound” solo. Drummer Frank Briggs had the packed house gasping as he knocked the air out of the cramped little room with his audacious double-kick interjections."

Metal Jazz Review

"OHM: gives their songs sturdy rhythm tracks and this allows for disciplined yet flowing excursions and the perfect launching pad for understated but inventive soloing. The disc's thirteen tracks flow seamlessly while remaining distinct in their own right. A lot is made of bluesmen and rockers playing 'in the pocket' and OHM: gives that phrase a new dimension. OHM: work the spectrum between playfulness and studied perfection without abandoning either extreme and easily showcasing their dedication to craft. "Search For The Suicide King" is probably my favorite track on the disc as it encompasses nearly everything that OHM: sound like they set out to achieve. "OHM:" sounds like a fully realized musical creation. Whereas Chris Poland's solo effort "Chasing The Sun" covered a lot of stylistic ground, OHM: keeps it simple with some restrictions. Those restrictions probably forced the trio to explore all possible avenues for each song's final destination. Perhaps it was unfair of me to mention Poland's solo work, but I'm working from historical perspective of Chris Poland's evolution as a musician (Megadeth, Damn The Machine, solo artist, OHM:) and the fact that bassist Pagliari and drummer Eagle did make contributions to "Chasing The Sun." In any case, OHM: delivers the goods and I'm thankful that this album finally saw the light of day."

Christopher Kelter - Rough Edge Review

"Right from the start of the album you’ll hear that Ohm is a very talented trio, not only because of the craftsmanship with which they play their instruments, but also because of the strength of their compositions. The first three pieces, “Peanut Buddah”(3:34), “Wheres my hat” (3:12) and “ID”(3:31) are real fusion compositions, with a more dark and threatening atmosphere, but a good acquaintance with the “singing” bass of Pagliari, the complex and yet precise drumming of Eagle and of course the powerfull guitar play of Poland. His guitar play and sound in this tracks (with at times heavy distortion) reminds me of Jimi Hendrix and Jeff Beck."

Wim Verweij - ProgVisions

"Jeez Louise can these guys play or what?? Unless you've been hiding under a rock the last few years, chances are you've heard of the instrumental metal-fusion trio Ohm, put together by former Megadeth shredder Chris Poland, and also featuring stellar bassist Robertino Pagliari, along with a few drummers in recent times including Kofi Baker (son of Ginger), Joel Taylor, and Frank Briggs, all of whom play on the band's latest Circus of Sound. This is ripping stuff, 14 tracks of shredderific Poland at his very best, as he unleashes torrents of blinding guitar solos, catchy melodies, and crunchy riffs. It's not quite metal, not quite jazz, but somewhere in between. Pagliari's bass playing is exceptional, reminding of a cross between Michael Manring and Percy Jones, his fretless lines having an elastic, bubbly feel, more often than not adding plenty of lead lines in these tunes right alongside Poland."

Pete Pardo - Sea of Tranquility

"One of the highlights of my recent NAMM trip was seeing the double bill of OHM and Polcat  - which both feature Chris Poland on guitar - at Alva's in San Pedro CA on Friday, January 20th. Though I've seen OHM several times, I was particularly interested in this gig as it was my first time seeing the band with drummer David Eagle, who was really great. The band was ferocious as always; super intense from start to finish. Bassist Robert 'Pag' Pagliari also had a fantastic solo spot, and Poland's playing and killer tones seem to get better every time I see him."

Guitar Channel

"As a nod to recently-departed classic Megadeth drummer Nick Menza, we'd like to draw your attention to Ohm, the band he was playing in until his death. Ohm played instrumental jazz rock/fusion, guitarist Chris Poland - former Megadeth member who performed on the band's first two albums - and bass champ Robertino Pagliari. The band was founded by Poland and Pag back in 1997, while Nick officially joined last year. What makes things a bit eerie now is the fact that the drummer who Menza replaced, David Eagle, also died of a heart attack. Several videos of the boys doing their thing are available below, so if you're up for some intricate guitar lines, sturdy drumming, and fretless bass runs, do check out the goods"

Ultimate Guitar

"On "Amino Acid Flashback" I hear Ohm: evolving – in fact, I hear a band evolving into something special. Well, since I thought Ohm: were pretty special from the beginning I'd have to say that Ohm:, after hearing "Amino Acid Flashback" are perhaps something more special than originally thought. With "Amino Acid Flashback" the greater intricacies and layers of musical action are more evident. As if the band's three musicians were operating on three separate high planes of skill it is the sum of the parts that creates a unique and thrilling entity in Ohm:. The songs on "Amino Acid Flashback" are taut exercises in creativity and stellar musicianship. Long-time tandem Poland and bassist Robertino Pagliari continue to amaze and delight. The addition of Kofi Baker on drums is a wonderful addition – a perfect fit. In closing it should be noted that Ohm: play with conviction, a daring sense of style, and the flair that few bands possess."

Christopher Kelter - Rough Edge Review

"OHMphrey, a jamband supergroup, which features three members of the prog rock/veteran jam band Umphrey's McGee (keyboardist Joel Cummins, guitarist Jake Cinninger and drummer Kris Myers), and OHM guitarist (former Megadeth guitarist), Chris Poland and bassist Robertino Pagliari (a.k.a. "Pag").
OHMphrey's latest effort, the unforgettable, and soon-to-be-classic, Posthaste, finds these five extraordinary artists creating instrumental music with a unified voice – once again. The album's seven original instrumental compositions, and two bonus live tracks ("Firestarter" and "20/20") recorded at Winston's in San Diego in 2009, never meander. Simply put, Posthaste contains some of the most thought-provoking, elastic and heavy jam band music this side of A Live One, Space Wrangler, and Under the Table and Dreaming."

Magna Carta

"Recorded at the band's Glass House Studios, this record could be the most innovative and staggering work that Poland has ever committed to tape. With a natural, organic feel and plenty of musical showmanship, Amino Acid Flashback sets a new course for fusion-rock."

Home Grown Music

"Ohm's Amino Acid Flashback is a hands-down, must-have for fusion rock fans. Guitar and bass work is stellar and drumwork, by son of Ginger Baker -- Kofi, are solid & groove-paced. This release has that improv, live energy feel which adds excitement. Yet there are no bumps or warts as one may find in jam sessions -- just great delivery and raw energy. And as I have said before about Poland's tone -- it is blues-fusion-classic rock pure with just the right touch of fun pedals here and there. Bassists will be awed by the creative genius that Pagliari exudes with passion. Legatos, ostinatos, and fiery licks to die for -- lace every track. No weak cuts here folks!"

Eer Music Review

"I first heard the name Chris Poland somewhere on the Shawn Lane forum. Most notably, Chris played with the metal band Megadeth in the eighties and moved on to a solo career in the early nineties. OHM, Chris’s latest project seemingly has returned him to his fusion roots. Together with bassist Robert Pagliari and drummer David Eagle this power trio cranked out an outstanding CD that gracefully mixes intelligent melodies, world music vibes and guitar shredding power with sophisticated compositions and soloing angles. Apart from Chris, Robert Pagliari rips on the bass with running bass lines and nice chordal work that reminds you of Jaco influence. David Eagle?s power drumming keeps the rhythm section tight throughout the cd. The opening track sets the mood for the entire cd with Tibetian Chants intermingled with electric voltage, sure to increase your blood pressure. The compostions are widely varied which demonstrates the compostional abilites of Chris. We were thoroughly impressed with the sounds, technique and compositions on this recording. The music flows with great ease giving the listener everything they could ask for. For the fusion purist this is a great listen. Chris shows his skills as well as opening things up for his fellow musicians, allowing them to have a voice of their own. The rich musical textures and the melodic styles on this CD make it a must listen . An honest and sincere piece of work."

abstract logix

"I remember the first time I saw OHM with Kofi Baker. I showed up and I was like what the hell. They are some ridiculous players that made me want to blow my brains out - you know. I think this is the best I have ever heard this room sound today with Nick Menza on drums. Really they sounded great I thought. I thought it was cool when Pag switched bass’s and played them differently but in an equally great way. I’ve heard all of it - every line-up and album and love the new songs a lot. I love the new Rugnap they created with Nick. It’s like a James Bond movie theme song on crack. I like the new drummer, Menza a lot. I loved David Eagle on drums too - I loved him as a person too - a funny sweet guy. But this guy Menza is a monster. I mean he didn’t seem particularly thrilled with the way he was playing but he played great. Chris is like that sometimes…  where you expect him to say it was so bad I almost stopped in the middle of the song… But you are thinking sure, but it’s still better than everybody else - it’s so ridiculous. It’s like with these guys the worst they could play is still better than 99.9999% of everyone who can play - really well. No -  these guys are freaks… They’re freaks of nature… I don’t even like being around it too much - it irritates me."

Fan Interview with Duane Whitaker - writer - filmmaker - actor