robertino pagliari


Robertino 'Pag' Pagliari is an American bassist and creator/co-founder of the Heavy Jazz/Rock/Fusion power trio OHM. Son of an opera singer, Pag was born with music in his veins. He had his first piano recital at the age of 5, after which he progressed to playing the guitar.

When he listened to Jack Bruce on Cream's “Wheels of Fire”, Pag found a calling in the bass guitar. After a music shop owner gave his father (a restaurateur) a bass in exchange for being behind on bills, Pag took it upon himself to self-learn how to play the instrument. 

By the time he was 15, Pag played with bands that covered Cream amongst others. Not much later, he struck up a friendship with guitarist Chris Poland over their mutual love for Jazz and Fusion, and started the band The New Yorkers along with Gar and Stu Samuelson. The band rocked the LA underground music scene for over four years, after which Chris and Gar left to join Megadeth.

Pag replaced the bassist in Divine Rite and played with them for four years. From then, he played and recorded all across LA with talents like Yesudas, Frank Gambale, Bob Robles and Chris Poland.

In 1997, Poland and Pag came together once again to form OHM. They worked with drumming greats Kofi Baker, Joel Taylor, David Eagle, and Nick Menza, and have been growing strong since. 

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